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Six for $66: September 2019
Six reds or six whites, deep-discounted to a gloriously meager 66 smackers! Double down (two sets of white, two sets of red, or a set of each) and chop off an additional eleven dollars on your colossal case of varied vino, bringing your total to $121! Click on the image above for a complete listing and set of descriptions for the wines included in this month's Six for $66™ sets.

Wine Authorities' Sangria Recipe
Here is our now "world famous" version of Sangria that will make you famous! We recommend our Aliaga - Tempranillo for the base red wine and Mas Codina - Brut Cava to add the necessary sparkle. Click the sangria pitcher for the full recipe.

Say Cheese!
Wine Authorities is also the authority of cheese! We now boast one of the largest selections in Raleigh, and we have new charcuterie from small producers across the country. We are constantly adding to our cheese, meat and grocery gems. A dynamic satellite selection of these cheeses is featured in our Durham shop!

On Draft in Raleigh
Fullsteam Brewing - "Humidity" Pale Ale - Durham
Southern Pines Brewing - Grapefruit Hefeweizen - Southern Pines
Ponysaurus Brewing - Rye Pale Ale - Durham
Trophy Brewing - "Apri-Pos of Nothing" Session Ale - Raleigh
Haw River Farmhouse Ales - "Seven Faces of Pepe Grano" Saison - Saxapahaw
Raleigh Brewing - "Acorn" American IPA - Raleigh
Updated 10/13/19

The Enomatic - Self Serve Wine Tasting
The Enomatic is a self serve wine tasting machine from Italy, but here in Durham we like to think of it as the "Enoriver of Wine." We have 12 wines on tap - 4 white and 8 red. The selections change all the time. You purchase an Enomatic "debit" card at the register. Plug it in and have some fun trying new grape varietals, new wine regions and wines of all prices. When the card runs low on value, just recharge it at the register. It's yours to keep and reuse over and over. We have free tastings every Saturday between 12 and 3 PM at the bar and the rest of the time we have...the Enomatic! The cards make a great gift.

On the Enomatic in Raleigh: Reds
Here's what's currently/recently on tap on Raleigh:
1. Dr. Heyden - Pinot Noir Trocken QbA - Rheinhessen, Germany ($21.99)
2. Chateau Bergey - Bordeaux Rouge" - Bordeaux, France ($10.99)
3. Casa Santos Lima - "Cigarra Tinto" - Lisboa, Portugal ($10.99)
4. Weingut Schäfer - "Red Sheep" - Rheinhessen, Germany ($11.99)
5. Lua Cheia em Vinhas Velhas - Tinto Reserva "Album" - Alentejo, Portugal (11.99)
6. Mas de Libian - Cotes-du-Rhone "Khayyàm" - Rhone Valley, France ($19.99)
7. Casa Los Frailes - Monastrell "Caliza" Valencia, Spain ($24.99)
8. Altosur - Malbec - Mendoza, Argentina ($10.99)
9. Eskadale Vineyards - "The Winner's Tank" Shiraz - Langhorne Creek, Australia ($18.99)
10. Valle dell' Acate - Nero d'Avola - Sicily, Italy ($12.99)
11. Domaine des Grandes Bruyeres - Beaujolais Villages Rouge "Prestige" - Beaujolais, France (16.99)
12. Viña Aliaga - Cuvée Tinto - Navarra, Spain ($14.99)
13. Qunita de Sant'ana - Touriga Nacional - Lisboa, Portugal ($37.99)
14. Domaine Barou - Syrah "Petit Colorado" - Rhone Valley, France ($14.99)
15. Hyatt Vineyards - Syrah - Rattlesnake Hills, WA ($11.99)
16. Cellar Cicillo - Priorat Tinto "Ona" - Priorat, Spain ($24.99)
Updated 10/13/19

On the Enomatic in Raleigh: Whites
Here's what's currently/recently on tap on Raleigh:
1. Bodegas Pazo des Tapias - Godello "Alma de Autor" - Tierra de Leon, Spain ($14.99)
2. Tegernseerhof - Riesling "Dürnstein" Federspiel - Wachau, Austria ($19.99)
3. Domaine Barou - Marsanne - Rhone Valley, France ($14.99)
4. Gilles Brisson - Pineau des Charentes - Cognac, France ($16.99)
5. Domaine la Grangette - Picoti Picota - Languedoc, France ($11.99)
6. Socalcos do Bouro - Vinho Verde Rosé - Vinho Verde, Portugal ($11.99)
7. Viña Aliaga - Rosado "Lagrima de Garnacha" - Navarra, Spain ($10.99)
8. Dr. Heyden - Rosé - Rheinhessen, Germany ($13.99)
Updated 10/13/19

On the Enomatic in Durham
Here's what's currently/recently on tap on Durham:
1. Domaine de la Vieille Fontaine - Bourgogne Rouge - Burgundy, France ($22.99)
2. Mas de Libian - Cotes du Rhone "Khayyam" - Rhone Valley, France ($19.99)
3. Joullian Vineyards - "Retro Rouge" Red Blend - Carmel Valley, California ($15.99)
4. Bodegas Tempore - Garancha Joven "Terrae Finca Vasallo" - Aragon, Spain ($19.99)
5. Casa Los Frailes - Monastrell Vinas Viejas "Dolomitas" - Valencia, Spain ($24.99)
6. Bodegas Arrocal - Tinto - Ribera del Duero, Spain ($19.99)
7. Anton Bauer - Pinot Noir - Wagram, Austria ($19.99)
8. Azienda Agricola Colombelle Carlo - Rosso "Colombera & Gerella" Coste della Sesia - Piemonte, Italy ($27.99)
1. Mas de Libian - Cotes du Rhone Blanc "Cave Vinum" - Rhone Valley, France ($18.99)
2. Christoph Edelbauer - Riesling Kamptal Reserve - Kamptal, Austria ($29.99)
3. Domaine Cady - Rosé de Loire - Middle Loire, France ($11.99)
4. Akarregi Txiki -Txakoli "Lasalde" - Pays Basque, Spain ($19.99)
Updated 8/12/19

Wine Authorities list of additives allowed in wine
The corporate wine business demands that their wine be consistent and familiar using the cheapest grapes possible. This poor quality wine can be chemically adjusted with a tremendous number of ingredients to make it look, smell, taste and feel like the highly rated wines demanded by today's most famous wine critics. In general, small producers do not have the same need, laboratories, or interest in modifying their wines, so you rarely find these additives in their wine. Click the above image and be surprised by what you're likely to be drinking if you're buying wine off the grocery store shelves.

Virtual Tour!1s0x89ace428d67494c9:0x7c39610ea677f6ed!2m19!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m13!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e5!2m2!1m1!1e4!3m1!7e115!4s/maps/place/wine%2Bauthorities/@35.9744347,-78.923377,3a,75y,0.61h,90t/data%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sF-ooh1vXqdaaPbMjYHtReQ*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x89ace428d67494c9:0x7c39610ea677f6ed!5swine+authorities+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e2!2sF-ooh1vXqdaaPbMjYHtReQ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj3ksahiO3TAhVB4CYKHc7mCFsQoB8IhwEwDQ

State of Things Interview
Frank Stasio of WUNC's "The State of Things" interviewed the Grand Poobah Wine Swami and Salamanzar about Wine Authorities and our philosophy. You can hear the interview by clicking on the picture. The interview aired Tuesday November 25, 2008.

WATV - Wine Authorities Video Library


Sustain A Bull

Food & Wine Magazine
Food & Wine Magazine's April 2008 issue had a story on Wine Authorities! Click their logo to see the article.

Wine Authorities' Tuscan Bean Recipe
As promised from our Central Italy: Mid-thigh on the boot class here is the official Wine Authorities Tuscan style white bean recipe.

Article on Chemical Wine Making
"Wine makers are packing their bottles with artificial additives that reduce wine to "alcoholic cola", according to an investigation." What you should know about the mass produced wines and the ingredients they don't want you to know about.

Durham - Crunchy on the Outside, Warm and Delicious on the Inside Top 10 included Wine Authorities among five of the best wine stores in the U.S. in this top 10 list of imported wines under $10 this week. Check out the article by clicking the picture.