2018 Pecorino Colli Aprutini "Scuderie Ducali" (Centorame)

Centorame, Pecorino Colli Aprutini "Scuderie Ducali", Abruzzo, Italy 2018

{organic} 100% Pecorino


Lamberto Vannucci’s “Scuderie Ducali” wines are named after a popular tourist attraction near his vineyards - a horse training facility. And the Pecorino grape is named because sheep, pecora in Italian, supposedly love to eat it as they’re herded down the hills and through the vineyards. This may be a perfect wine to have after a vigorous session of training a horse or herding some sheep - bright, clean, and zesty lemon citrus, with just a touch of jasmine flower and fresh herbs. Fresh and refreshing, it’s as at home in your glass on a hot summer day as it would be on the dinner table.

Serving suggestions: In a delicious quirk of fate, Pecorino cheese! Fish soup w/ tomatoes, rosemary, vinegar, & a tiny pinch of red pepper flakes.

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