2018 Rosé "Cabochard" (Serol, Domaine Robert)

Domaine Robert Serol, Cabochard Rosé, Cote Roannaise, Loire Valley, France, 2018

{biodynamic} 100% Gamay Saint Romain


This rosé is a bright, shiny, pink beacon of glorious Gamay goodness, and it's just perfect for "stubborn" people who refuse to try pink wines for fear of their being sweet. In fact Cabochard is French for a stubborn person, and this is a totally dry wine - no sweetness to be found. Stephane Serol has been head of the estate for the last nine years and loves his rosé so much that he makes three different versions. The Cabochard is crisp with aromas of sun-dried cranberry, red licorice and spicy candle wax - more floral than fruity with light mineral on the finish. A Wine Authorities Exclusive!

Serving Suggestion: Afternoon picnic fare like cold fried chicken, summer squash casserole, and pickled watermelon. Versatile with everything from savory pork to fish.

$16.99 each