2017 Valpolicella Superiore "San Pietro" (Monte Tondo)

Monte Tondo, Valpolicella Superiore "San Pietro", Veneto, Italy 2017

{sustainable} 55% Corvina, 30% Rondinella, 15% Molinara


Many wine regions (and grape varieties) can be called chameleons, but few are quite as consummately qualified shapeshifters as Valpolicella (and its main man, the Corvina grape). This rendition from Veronese mainstay Monte Tondo exhibits lithe, elegant structure and food-friendly bravado with a collision of vibrant dark fruit and an almost Pinot-like silkiness. Falling between the lightest and freshest reds the region has to offer and the heftier Ripasso style, it's versatile, approachable, and captivating. Romeo and Juliet have never felt this way, I bet.

Serving Suggestion: Pheasant w/ red wine-porcini risotto. Roasted creminis w/ parmesan polenta.

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