Champagne Brut Rose 1er Cru (Godme, Sabine)

Sabine Godmé, Brut Rosé 1er Cru, Champagne, France NV 65% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir


Brimming with intensely energetic red fruit, Godmé’s elegant rosé doesn’t mince words. 12% of the blend’s 35% Pinot Noir is fully-fledged red wine prior to blending, injecting power and a precision of flavors reminiscent of tangy red-fleshed plum and pomegranate. This Grand Cru offering is perhaps Godmé’s brightest, most vibrant cuvée, and there’s a youthful zeal that’s charming, invigorating, and very food-friendly. Verzenay is one of Champagne’s absolute capitals for excellent Pinot; look no further for a suitable ambassador.

Serving suggestion: Duck carpaccio w/ raspberry balsamic sauce, toasted walnuts, & pickled chanterelles. Butternut squash & hazelnut quiche.

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