2018 Sancerre Blanc (Daulny, Domaine Etienne)

Domaine Etienne Daulny, Sancerre, Loire Valley, France 2018

100% Sauvignon Blanc


Humble & profound. This goes for Etienne Daulny the man, and his wines.The wine, a Sauvignon Blanc from the village of Sancerre, could easily be mistaken for dozens of others on the shelf. When, in fact, it is carefully made with grapes from the most prestigious vineyards of this entire region. The man, quiet and smiling, doesn't say much. But when he does it is perfectly chosen, and followed by a nervous laugh. You want to hug him then drink his wine in a quiet room taking in the layers of depth and pleasure.

Serving Suggestion: Crottin de Chavignol or Valençay (fine Loire Valley goat cheeses.) The best raw oysters you can find.

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