2017 Pinot Noir "Cep" Sonoma Coast (Peay Vineyards)

Peay Vineyards, "Cep" Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast, California 2016

{organic} 100% Pinot Noir


“Cep” is a side project of Peay vineyards and an avenue for alternate barrel cuvées comprised of the excellent and distinctive Sonoma Coast fruit that has won the hearts of Burgundian diaspora enthusiasts. Rising among evergreen trees above the cooling Pacific mists and fog, Peay’s vineyards home in on perfectly moderated patches of land, nurturing not only Pinot but its Burgundian counterpart, Chardonnay, and various Northern Rhone natives. This is top-notch Sonoma fare and a fantastic ambassador for what makes Peay special.

Serving Suggestion: Country ham w/ smoked gouda risotto. Savory beet/arugula salad w/ cranberries, toasted walnuts, & sheep’s feta.

$36.99 each

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