1988 Don PX Gran Reserva Montilla-Moriles (375ml) (Toro Albalá, Bodegas)

Bodegas Toro Albalá, Don PX Gran Reserva, Montilla-Moriles, Spain 1988 (375 ml)

100% Pedro Ximenez


What were you doing in 1988? Perhaps a bottle of sweet Montilla-Moriles (a close relative of Sherry) will help jiggle the memory free. Very rare indeed, this is purely hedonistic wine love. Nearly black in the glass, with syrupy, rich coffee/toffee, molasses, dates, figs and caramel, this is Pedro Ximenez aged for decades reducing it down to a rare treat. Wines like this come around like Haley's comet so grab a bottle now and savor it over time with small thimbles on weekends. Naw, forget that. Drink it with good friends in one evening.

Serving Suggestion: Best after dinner as a dessert on its own around a table where deep thoughts and contemplation/arguments are required about life, love and politics. Or try with plain cheese cake and buttery rich bread type desserts.

$39.99 each