2011 Blanc de Blancs Brut (Huia Vineyards)

Huia Vineyards, Blanc de Blancs Brut

Marlborough, New Zealand 2011

100% Chardonnay


The cool-climated viticulture of New Zealand’s Marlborough most famously contributes the dialed-up Sauvignon-ish-ness to the region’s renditions of that famous grape, but it also helps other varieties hailing from colder parts of Europe to find voices similar to the ones they have back home. This Chardonnay-based bubbly takes on a combination of heightened acidity, orchard-ish tartness, and yeasty richness that would be perfectly at home in Champagne. An alpine-esque, petrolic tinge adds intrigue. Three cheers!

Serving Suggestion: Greenshell mussels w/ butter, Sauvignon Blanc, garlic, & lemon. Molten camembert w/ drizzled truffle-infused olive oil & granny smith apples on toasted bread.

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