2017 Verdeca (Palama)

Palama, Verdeca, Puglia, Italy 2017

100% Verdeca


Verdeca, the bright, aromatic variety, once upon a time used for vermouth production, shines as a single variety wine. Originating in Taranto and Bari povences of Puglia (or the heel of Italy’s “boot”), Verdeca thrives in the hot, dry region dominated by red wine. A covered patio, grilled veggies, seafood, salt and sun kissed skin make the perfect pairing. Thirsty palates will be both quenched and invigorated by the aromatic flavors and bright acidity on a hot summer day. So retreat from the sun, fire up the grill, and call some friends!

Serving Suggestions: Orecchetti pasta w/ broccoli rabe, fava beans, olive oil and lemon. Grilled eggplant w/ cherry tomatoes, burrata cheese, basil and olive oil.

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