2017 Piedirosso Sannio (Fontanavecchia, Azienda Agricola)

Azienda Agricola Fontanavecchia, Piedirosso, Taburno, Campania, Italy, 2017

{organic} 100% Piedirosso


One of the rarer single-varietal reds to come out of Campania, Piedirosso is more often used in blends where it softens the intensity of bolder varietals (typically Aglianico). This example from Fontanavecchia shows off bright, brambly berries, radiant red roses, black pepper, soft tannins, and a definitely distinct aroma of campfire ash - a direct result of the very volcanic soil. Mount Vesuvius is nearby, and looms large over the land and culture. If you've ever been confused by the term "minerality," here's a volcanic, solid stepping stone to understanding.

Serving Suggestion: Baked ziti. Grilled Italian sausage rolls w/ onions & roasted red & yellow bell peppers

$13.99 each