2016 Dornfelder, Trocken (Schneider, Georg Albrecht)

Georg Albrecht Schneider, Dornfelder Trocken, Rheinhessen, Germany 2016

100% Dornfelder


The Schneider estate goes back 7 generations and during harvest, one usually finds 3 generations at work! Red earth soils yield wines with finesse and power. Some Dornfelder wines are off-dry, but we feature this dry version for its quality, unique flavors and drinkability. The softer tannin is appealing, especially in warm weather, so you can even chill this wine lightly to bring on the ripe fruit flavors. The refreshingly tart palate is like a canvas to paint this very dark purple/red colored wine.

Serving Suggestion: A match for spicy beef or pork ribs in red BBQ sauce; eggplant parmesan - nice and gooey with fresh mozzarella and ripe tomatoes; and Korean barbecue.

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