2016 Albarino "Castelo do Mar" (Veiga da Princesa)

Veiga da Princesa, Albarino “Castelo do Mar”, Rias Baixas, Spain 2016

100% Albarino


Fresh, bright, and delicate with firm acidity and beautifully restrained minerality, this crazy-great value in Albariño from Manuel Mendez’s Rias Baixas estate (one of three small farms operated by the gregarious Galician) offers up everything we crave from the increasingly sought-after Albariño grape. Its citrusy energy is the stuff that seafood-pairing dreams are made of, but this is also a “patio wine” extraordinaire that is guaranteed to quench the thirsts of festive friends and cause oceanic oases to materialize before our very eyes and across our very palates!

Serving Suggestion: Mussels, shrimp, and squid in a buttery, garlicky stew w/ oregano & noodles. Veggie burritos w/ mild salsa verde & cilantro.

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