2015 Zweigelt "Feuersbrunn" (Anton Bauer)

Anton Bauer, Zweigelt,"Feuersbrunn" , Wagram, Austria 2015

100% Zweigelt


Austria's most popular red grape, Zweigelt is just starting to find its audience in the here in the States. Anton Bauer is a master of coaxing the very best from every berry. With a weight reminiscent of Pinot Noir and intense purple flavors which remind us a bit of Zinfandel, Zweigelt is an enormously versatile and food-friendly red. Tony Bauer represents the the fourth generation of his family's vineyards and is considered one of the best and brightest winemakers in all of Austria.

Serving Suggestion: We had this with Hungarian Goulash in Austria and loved it. Also great with broth soup and hearty pork-stuffed dumplings.

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