2015 Chinon Blanc "Le Croix Boissee" (Gouron, Domaine)

Domaine Gouron, Chinon Blanc "Le Croix Boissée", Loire Valley, France 2015

{organic} 100% Chenin Blanc


A Chinon Blanc made from Chenin Blanc! Say that five times fast. Cabernet Franc is king in Chinon, and Domaine Gouron’s typical work is no exception. Only one of their 28 hectares is devoted to Chenin Blanc. Though only a small fraction of their production (less than 200 cases made!), one taste will tell you this rare Chinon Blanc is far from an afterthought to the Gouron family. Rich and luxurious, with creaminess from French oak fermentation balanced by the sharp spear of stone that distinguishes the best Loire Chenins from the rest. Imagine if a rich Meursault had a baby with the best the Mosel has to offer.

Serving Suggestion: Rich enough to match continental classics from roast bird to richer seafood like Dover sole. Has the fruit and acidity to stand up to spicier foods.

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