2016 Albariño (Dancing Coyote)

Dancing Coyote, Albariño, Clarksburg, CA, 2016

100% Albariño


The Sacramento Valley, with its hot days and nighttime sea breezes, might just be the best place in California to grow Albariño. The heat brings out intensely vibrant tropical fruit, citrus zest, and white peach, while the cool nights give rise to the lively acidity that makes Albariño so refreshing. It ain't the rainy plains of Spain, but it ain't far off - the winery is right near Interstate 5, part of California's Historic Mission Trail.

Serving Suggestion:

A bounty of briny seafood - raw oysters, steamed crab legs, & clam chowder. On the patio on a balmy summer night, listening to cicadas & katydids and looking up at the stars.

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