2013 Red "Three Cape Ladies" (Warwick)

Warwick, "Three Cape Ladies", Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2013

Pinotage, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon


Named in honor of 3 generations of women at Warwick (including the original winemaker, Norma Ratcliffe, who was one of the first women to make wine in South Africa). While a blend of Pinotage, Syrah, and Cabernet could very easily yield one of the most imposing, heavy wines on the planet, Warwick has other plans, allowing the power to shine through, while keeping the weight and body to manageable proportions. Rich and full of black cherry, blueberry, and dark brambly fruit with generous peppercorn, anise, and mesquite smoke to add to the allure. It finishes cleanly, with a kiss of cocoa as the tannins melt across the tongue.

Serving suggestions: Ramen, w/ sliced hard boiled egg, teriyaki & ginger glazed ribeye steak, & charred green onion. Grilled kebabs of beef & lamb, generously spiced with pepper, garlic, & thyme, served w/ roasted new potatoes & yellow bell peppers.

$25.99 each