Orleans Herbal Aperitif Cider (Eden Specialty Ciders)

Eden Specialty Ciders, Orleans Herbal Aperitif Cider, Vermont apple cider infused with Vermont herbs, NV {biodynamic}


Located in Vermont, Eden Specialty Ciders takes advantage of the cold New England winters to concentrate their already ripe heirloom apples. Their Orleans Aperitif Ciders are made just like vermouth, except with cider as the base rather than wine. This version is infused with a special blend of Vermont-grown herbs and flowers, resulting in a powerfully bright and concentrated potion. We like it served chilled over a few ice cubes with a splash of sparkling mineral water or paired with sparkling wine for a springy spritz. Once opened, keep in your fridge.

Serving Suggestion: The perfect aperitif to sip before an autumnal feast! Serve alongside baked brie w/ apple butter & toasted walnuts.

$32.99 each

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