2015 Chardonnay "Clone 76 Inox" Santa Rita Hills (Melville Winery)

Melville Winery, Chardonnay Estate, Sta. Rita Hills, California 2015

{sustainable} 100% Chardonnay


We’ve long been ardent admirers of Melville’s large-and-in-charge leaning Pinot Noirs, the estate’s “Clone 76-Inox” Chardonnay, in some ways, runs parallel in style. Both grapes are natives of France’s Burgundy, and Melville manages to pay homage to their origins while harnessing the potential for power and additional richness offered by the climate of Santa Rita’s hills. This offering has, with intent, one foot planted firmly in the stylings of Chablis, but at 14% alcohol, there’s an undeniable weight and ripeness-induced tropicality that’s all its own. This Meliville is a great white whale of a Chardonnay.

Serving Suggestion: Savory monkfish & pineapple (not too sweet!) skewers w/ yellow curry. Cali-themed sweet corn gazpacho w/ halved grape tomatoes, shallots, avocado, & lemon juice.

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