Yukikage "Snow Shadow" Sake Tokubetsu-Junmai [720ml] (Kinshihai)

Kinshihai, Yuki-Kage "Snow Shadow" Tokubetsu Junmai Sake [720ml], Niigata, Japan

Gohyaku-man-goku and koshi-ibuki rices


The "Tokubetsu" designation on sake means that it has special, high-quality characteristics beyond the typical ones of its same seimaibuai (rice polish level). For this Shuzo (sake estate) founded in 1825, that special quality is the subtle complexity that is almost never found in standard Junmai (30% polished) sake. This is a sake of great balance, coming across as neither too alcoholic, nor too cloying.

Serving suggestion: Hirame (flounder) sashimi, Ama-ebi (sweet shrimp). Also, omelet with gruyere and chives.

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