2012 Bianco "Di Caparsino" (Caparsa)

Caparsa, Bianco di Caparsino, Tuscany, Italy 2012

{biodynamic} Trebbiano, Malvasia


In 1982, Paolo Cianferoni started transforming his family's property in the heart of Chianti into an organic farm, leaving 60% of the land forested to maintain maximum sustainability. Though he concentrates on Sangiovese, a small parcel of his vineyard is devoted to the grapes that go into his distinctive bianco. Cianferoni allows the juice to ferment on the skins for a full two weeks, resulting in a firmer, more fine-toothed texture, and a wine that dances on the tongue.

Serving Suggestions: An ideal white to pair with heartier fare, like chestnut tortelli stuffed with pecorino and dressed in sage butter, or even classic Thai drunken noodles.

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