2011 Pinot Noir Estate - Sta. Rita Hills (Cargasacchi)

Cargasacchi, Pinot Noir, Sta. Rita Hills, California 2011

100% Pinot Noir


The only thing longer and more layered than this wine is the growing season of the Santa Rita Hills. At morning, marine fog colors the vineyard in a swath of gray before it sweats off in the summer's sun. Taking its cue, a cooling wind picks up for several hours before allowing the fog to return in the evening. This daily routine makes for a long growing season and well-developed grapes. Opulent and profoundly textured, this Pinot weighs ripe red fruits against a spicy, smokey structure that leads into a long and lasting finish.

Serving Suggestion: Kale w/ tempeh & a rich, roasted, red pepper sauce. Short ribs w/ a smoked porter beer mop! Or, for the audacious, roasted (brandied) cherries over vanilla ice-cream.

$49.99 each