2009 Vouvray Grand Liquoreux "Cuvée Lubin" [500ml] (Croix des Vainqueurs, Domaine de la)

Domaine de la Croix des Vainqueurs, "Cuvée Lubin" Vouvray Grand Liquoreux [500ml], Loire Valley, France 2009

[organic] 100% Chenin Blanc


Harvested in November, after the grapes have dried on the vine into raisins filled with golden honey-scented syrup. With only a droplet of this sweet nectar per raisin, it is not uncommon to hear the wines made from them called "liquid gold." Laurent Bonneau's Cuvee Lubin is such a wine, with 200g/l residual sugar from the unfermented raisin's juice. Decadent and subtle, the Chenin Blanc continues to show the complex earthiness of the tuffeau soil even through the rich sweetness and honey aromatics.

Serving Suggestions: Best served as the object of focus with a simple dessert: cheese cake, flan, creme brulée.

$38.99 each