Lambrusco Bianco "Labrusca Lini 910" (Lini Oreste & Figli)

LINI, Lambrusco Bianco "Labrusca Lini 910", Emilia Romagna, Italy NV


When you think of Emilia Romagna, what comes to mind? Reggiano cheese, tortellini, balsamic vinegar and of course wine to wash it all down? Before you is perhaps the finest Lambrusco producer in all of Emilia Romagna. This is real Lambrusco and the rare, white version at that. It's dry, lightly effervescent, with a sort of grapey/apple character. Made from red grapes, sans skin contact. Most quaffable and enjoyable chilled in warm weather.

Serving Suggestion: An aperitif white that cleanses the palate or with cheese tortellini in a light butter and herb sauce; white feta cheese pizza with with olives.

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