Socalcos do Bouro Pack (Wine Authorities)

Vinho Verde is a giant, sprawling district, stretching from the banks of the famous Douro River to the Spanish border in the north. A cash crop export, Vinho Verde is dominated by a few huge producers who crank out millions of bottles a year of quickly harvested and bottled, underrripe fizzy white - wines that are often refreshing but frequently forgettable. The output is so generic and homogenized, you’d be forgiven for assuming that all Vinho Verde is more or less the same.

Victor Goncalves’s Socalcos do Bouro couldn’t be more different. His five tiny hectares are tucked away on a hillside above the remote town of Bouro Santa Maria (pop: 760), next to the Cavado River. Just a few miles from the mountainous Geres National Park, the terrain here is beautiful - a scenic drive through the area might remind you of the Blue Ridge Parkway and hilly Appalachia...

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