Fresh Catch Pack (Wine Authorities)

In collaboration with our friends at Piedmont Wine Imports and Locals Seafood (whose fall share begins today!), we're very excited to roll out a brand new pack with its sights set on celebrating sustainable fishing right off the coast of our own state.

Locals provides a fantastic resource not only through the aforementioned share program which begins today but through their weekly appearances at markets throughout the Triangle. We highly recommend exploring their website and discovering the many options for seafood savvy Trianglians to take advantage of what they're doing. Copy and paste the url below into your browser to see exactly what's included:

Check out Locals Seafood and their fall share using these urls:

And check out Piedmont Wine Imports' Jay's blog about fresh seafood, his selections included in the Fresh Catch Pack, and his admiration for Locals Seafood by copying and pasting the below url into your browser:

$74.74 each

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