2019 Garnacha [3-Liter Bag-In-Box] "Independent" (Tempore, Bodegas)

Bodegas Tempore, Garnacha "Independent", Aragón, Spain 2019 [3L Bag-in-Box]

{organic} 100% Garnacha


This delicious joven-style (young, unoaked) Garnacha used to be known, very popularly as "Finca La Cañada” and hails from a vineyard recently planted by Bodegas Tempore using the same focus on quality, organic viticulture, and grape character as their more familiar "Terrae" and "G" wines. From this area, the birthplace of the Grenache/Garnacha grape, comes this lovely, refreshingly fruity red. And no, it's not from Canada, eh? Sorry, that joke doesn’t really apply anymore as the cuvée’s name has changed, but whatevs.

A Wine Authorities exclusive!

Serving Suggestions: The perfect red for Chili, or any other savory, spicy dish that you want to throw a red wine at!

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