2018 Tinto Valencia "Bilogia" (Frailes, Casa Los)

Casa Los Frailes, "Bilogia" Tinto, Valencia, Spain 2018

{biodynamic} 50% Monastrell, 50% Syrah


Casa Los Frailes, taking its name from the friars which once inhabited the estate, produces wine with the utmost respect for nature and its vineyards. Monastrell, the premier varietal of Spain's southeast, is clearly their first priority. For the Bilogía cuvée, they blend it with its classic blending partner of France, Syrah, grown in Valencia to great results. The outcome is a plump but well-structured wine with soft tannins, supple purple fruit character, and a very tasteful dollop of creamy oak for good measure. This is a suave, plush, and very fun Mediterranean red. A Wine Authorities exclusive!

Serving Suggestions: Majorcan sausage (such as Botifarró with aniseed) and other cured meats (Giacamo's salamis, anyone?). Aged sheep's milk cheeses such as Manchego or Valencia's own Malvarosa.

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