2015 Monastrell Valencia "1771" (Frailes, Casa Los)

Casa Los Frailes, "1711", Valencia, Spain 2015

{biodynamic} Monastrell

No, that's not the vintage! This old-vine cuvée “1771" from Casa Los Frailes is a palate-pleasing palindrome which takes its name from the year that the estate’s Valásquez family assumed control during the Enlightenment of what had formerly been the vineyards and monastery of local friars in the time of the Inquisition. The southeastern reaches of Spain are the origins of the magnificent Monastrell grape (aka Mourvèdre), and this pure version brims with the brooding power that the variety is famous for while projecting its potential elegance with velvety, mature tannin, supple fruit, and soft oak that evokes wisps of exotic sandalwood.

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