2019 Getariako Txakolina Blanco (Ameztoi)

Ameztoi, Getariako Txakolina, País Vasco, Spain 2019

90% Hondaribbi Zuri, 10% Hondaribbi Beltza


This seventh generation estate is considered one of the top producers of Txakoli (CHOCK-oh-lee), the spritzy, tart, low alcohol wine that is perfect with seafood tapas. Ignacio Ameztoi Aranguran is the current generation to continue making this traditional wine that most resembles the “lovechild” of Chablis and Vinho Verde. Don’t forget to pour it in your glass from up high, the frothy bubbles really bring out the character. As they say in San Sebastian "¡Txotx!"

Serving Suggestion: The greatest match for salty tapas and pintxos, especially croquetas, sardines, anchovies and olives. Also enjoyed straight from a Porron.

$20.99 each

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