2019 Rosé ''Queen of the Sierra'' (Forlorn Hope)

Forlorn Hope, "Queen of the Sierra" Rosé, Calaveras County, California 2019

{organic} Barbera and Zinfandel


California iconoclast Matthew Rorick is back at it again, with the most refreshing California rose we can remember. His limestone vineyard in the California’s old Gold Rush hills is churning out exciting new wave wines from old vines of varieties almost forgotten in the Golden State. The grapes are picked early, to get a refreshingly low 11% ABV and bright acidity, but the wine still packed with mouthwateringly ripe fruit. A staunch minimalist in the cellar, Rorick uses spontaneous fermentation, no additives and filters minimally, so don’t be spooked by the hazy appearance.

Serving Suggestions: Burrata and summer tomatoes on the patio. Goat cheese and strawberry spinach-arugula salad. Fresh NC shrimp.

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