2019 Riesling (1 liter) (Paul D.)

Paul D., Riesling [1 liter], Wagram, Austria, 2016

{sustainable} 100% Riesling


Everyone’s favorite Austrian wunderkind winemaker has done it again! Paul Direder’s newest offering falls neatly in line with rest of his lineup - quaffable and uncomplicated. Fans of his (or any, really) Grüner Veltliner will appreciate this dry, bright, and lively Riesling, with zesty lemon and lime, light herbal flavors, set before a backdrop of stony minerals. Whoever said good things come in small packages clearly never got their hands on this liter of Riesling.

Serving suggestion: Shrimp & vegetable tempura w/ soy, ginger, mirin, & rice vinegar dipping sauce. Warm, creamy potato salad w/ bacon, boiled egg, smoked paprika, tarragon, & cracked black pepper.

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