2017 Toscana Bianco "Solare" (Castellina, Fattoria)

Fattoria Castellina, "Solare" IGT Bianco, Tuscany, Italy 2017

{biodynamic} 100% Vermentino


Vermentino, a star of wine regions bordering the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian waters of the Mediterranean Sea, is something of a chameleon. It can be fun, fresh, and no frills-ish or tropical and concentrated or minerally and elegant. Increasingly, especially among Sardinian and Tuscan producers, we’re encountering enigmatically orange-esque offerings like this one. Four days of skin contact have imbued a subtle but unmistakable amber tone and a whisper of refreshing tannic texture while Castellina’s proximity to the shore guarantees that we’ll not forget Vermentino’s maritime associations through an intriguing suggestion of brininess on the nose.

Serving Suggestion: Calamari tempura & arugula salad w/ citrus-caper vinaigrette & olive oil. Ceviche. Chèvre & other goat cheeses.

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