2018 Lazio Bianco "Elephas" (Castello di Torre in Pietra)

Castello di Torre in Pietra, Lazio Bianco "Elephas", Lazio, Italy 2018

{organic} Trebbiano, Vermetino, Fiano


This unusual combination of Central Italian mainstays (Trebbiano & Vermentino) with a typically more southerly outlier (Fiano) is fresh, fun, and begging for the beach (or seafood companionship). Its origins are an estate humbly boasting 20 years of forward-thinking, organic agriculture (grapes, grains, & olives) and coastal vistas largely unchanged for six centuries. Embracing labor intensive methods among the vines and minimal intervention in the cellar, the castello crafts gems that are astonishingly affordable and inspiringly sincere.

Serving Suggestion: Spaghetti w/ clams & fish roe. Braised garlic & parsley-stuffed artichokes w/ white wine & lemon juice.

$11.99 each

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