2018 Pinot Blanc Württemberg (Drautz-Able, Heilbronn)

Heilbronn Drautz-Able, Pinot Blanc, Württemberg, Germany 2018

100% Pinot Blanc


Pinot Blanc has never been allowed to be much of a star on its home eastern French turf but has found a more appreciative audience in northern Italy and Germany - particularly Baden-Württemberg. This estate, today known as Drautz-Able, was founded over 500 years ago by the ancestor of mother-and-son Monika and Markus Drautz and finds its specialty predominantly in the production of red wines (particularly Trollinger and Blaufränkisch). Weissburgunder, better known as Pinot Blanc, however, is a choice white. With the right stuff to appeal to lovers of unoaked Chardonnay, especially modern Burgundian fare, this versatile white is medium-bodied with vibrant citrusy sharpness on the finish - refreshing and food friendly.

Serving Suggestion: (Blixa Bargeld’s) calamari risotto w/ squid ink. Mashed potato-daikon salad w/ lemon aioli, micro greens, & cucumber.

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