2017 Scheurebe "Kreuznacher" (Paul Anheuser)

Paul Anheuser, Scheurebe "Kreunznacher Monchberg" QbA, Nahe, Germany, 2017

A TOUCH SweET, Herbal, Spiced & Full-Bodied

The Anheuser family tree dates back to 1627 in Germany in Bad Kreunznacher. Bad is a designation for a spa town and Kreunznacher is renowned for its waters and healthy climate. This grape, Scheurebe, is a crossing of Silvaner and Riesling created in 1915. It has quickly become a favorite. The wine is full-bodied and a great introduction to something new.

Serving Suggestions: This is a favorite with honey-roasted ham and pineapple or Turkey and all the fixings with fresh herbs baked under the skin.

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