2018 Trollinger Württemberg (Drautz-Able, Heilbronn)

Heilbronn Drautz-Able, Trollinger, Württemberg, Germany 2018

100% Trollinger (Schiava)


Trollinger (aka Schiava, aka Vernatsch) takes its name from its likely origins in northern Italy’s Tyrol (specifically Südtirol / Trentino-Alto Adige). Here in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg, where there are more than three times as many acres of Trollinger than can be found in its native land, its elegant red-fruited perfume and impressive resistance to frost has positioned it ideally to quench the nation’s increasing appetite for red wine. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that it’s seldom exported. This rendition carries itself much like a light, well-rounded Pinot Noir brimming with juicy cherry-ish reminiscences and a suggestion of fresh rain on briery underbrush.

Serving Suggestion: Black Forest or Virginia ham on pumpernickel w/ mild horseradish mustard, red lettuce, & Gruyère. Russian potato-beet salad w/ green peas, carrots, dill, & sour cream.

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