2018 Red Feinherb "Red Sheep" (Schafer, Weingut)

Weingut Schäfer, "Red Sheep" Rotwein Feinherb, Mettenheim, Rheinhessen, Germany 2018

40% Dornfelder, 40% Portugieser, 15% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon


"Schäfer" translates from German to "shepherd" in English, so it's only right that this wine is the ultra-rare red sheep. It is flocking delicious! It's wooly, wooly good. All puns aside, this is that rarest of combinations, the highly complex, but enjoyably soft, lightly sweet red. Made in miniscule quantities by Rheinhessen red wine specialist Volker Schäfer, it's especially at home with spicy, rich dishes. But drinking it on its own is also highly recommended.

Serving Suggestions: Lamb vindaloo. 3 alarm chili. Sauteed mushrooms in a sweet Marsala cream sauce.

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