2017 Riesling Trocken "Klangwerk" GG (Gysler, Alexander)

Alexander Gysler, Riesling Trocken - Klangwerk "Vum Helle", Rheinhessen, Germany 2017

{biodynamic} 100% Riesling


Elegant and decadent, this intense Rheinhessen Riesling belonging to the illustrious Grosses Gewächs category layers the razory, lithe personality of the great German grape with elevated concentration and a more mouth-filling density. Like an antenna catching information, Riesling is an optimizer of mineralistic complexity, and this golden elixir manages to overdeliver in the mineral department despite being unctuously ripe. Next time you need a rendezvous with exceptional Riesling, call this number.

Serving Suggestion: Knackwurst w/ parsley, scallions, & ginger. Tempura squid w/ lemon aioli.

$29.99 each

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