2016 Zweigelt (Edelbauer, Christoph)

Christoph Edelbauer, Zweigelt, Kamptal, Austria 2016{organic}

100% Zweigelt


"Forest berries and smoky aromas! Creamy with a little bit of caramel! Powerful with broad shoulders." Zweigelt’s intensely berryish energy reminds wine lovers of everything from Zinfandel to Dolcetto, and the comparisons frequently seem to miss their mark. The variety is simply one of a kind. It bursts from the glass with dense, fiercely purple (and fiercely approachable fruit), offering reds with very distinctive personalities. While Kamptal (generally speaking) is better known for its whites, this is one of the most commanding (though still gentle) Austrian reds we’ve ever sunk our teeth into.

Serving Suggestion: Lightly breaded, fried, pork cutlets w/ beet, red cabbage, & dried cranberry salad. Enchiladas w/ sweet potato, shiitakes, & sour cream.

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