2017 Tinto "Petit Forlong" (Forlong, Bodegas)

Bodega de Forlong, Tinto “Petit Forlong”, Cadiz, Andalucía, Spain 2017

{organic} 60% Syrah, 30% Merlot, 10% Tintilla de Rota (Amphora & oak aged)


In such a hot climate, you’d expect a red wine from these grapes to be heavy and alcoholic, but this is a fresh, bright wine which goes down very quickly and deliciously. Fermented in terra-cotta amphora, then aged shortly in oak barrels, this is a lusty, berry aromatic, juicy red to drink with gusto. And, a rare chance to drink the nearly extinct Tintilla grape.

Serving Suggestion: Bone in porkchop lightly topped w/ a picholine & black cherry tapenade, served w/ homemade potato chips.

$17.99 each