2018 Cianorôs (Bulfon, Emilio)

Emilio Bulfon, Cianorôs, Friuli, Italy 2018

{organic} 100% Cianorôs


If you’ve never heard of the Cianorôs grape, don’t beat yourself up too much. It was nearly extinct before winemaker Emilio Bulfon saved it from the brink and brought it back to become your new summer guzzler. Intensely aromatic with brambly wild berries, pomegranate, dark spices, wild herbs, a vein of elegant earthiness, a touch of rose petal - as summery as you can get without being pink. The name “Cianorôs" comes from a word in the local dialect that means to drink right from the bottle. Go ahead, try it - we won’t judge. We may have even done it ourselves.

Serving Suggestions: Zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms & cherry tomatoes, roasted over a wood fire, served over brown rice. Buttermilk biscuits stuffed w/ thin slices of smoked ham & a dollop of whole grain mustard.

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