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2016 Vinho Verde Tinto "Colheita Seleccionada" (Socalcos do Bouro (Corina Maria Pereira Antunes Almeida))

Socalos do Bouro (Corina Maria Pereira Antunes Almeida), Vinho Verde Tinto, Vinho Verde, Portugal 2016

100% Vinhão


Green and red are indeed pigmentary opposites, but more than half of all Vinho Verde is tinto! While these traditionally lightly spritzy, refreshing racy wines seldom leave the area, they are by no means uncommon, and the Vinhão grape (flying solo in this cuvée from our Bouro buddies) actually manages to be the most planted variety in the famously green Minho region. Refreshing, tart, and with a kiss of lively spritz, it’s not as odd as you might imagine. File next to Lambrusco.

Serving Suggestion: Grilled Moroccan meatballs w/ tangy yogurt sauce & dill. Color-coded for squid-ink pasta w/ parmesan.


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