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2018 Malagousia (Zafeirakis, Domaine)

Domaine Zafeirakis, Malagousia, Tyrnavos, Greece 2018

100% Malagousia


Many Greek white wines are lean, high acid, and mineral driven - think Assyrtiko. Here's a Greek white for lovers of the Rhone Valley, bursting with mango, nectarine, lime, and floral aromas, with a full, rich mouthfeel reminiscent of Viognier. The trademark acidity and minerality are still there, don't worry - but they're acting in harmony with the other players on the stage. It's what Dionysus would have wanted, being the god of wine and theatre (and madness, but let's not worry about that yet).

Serving suggestion: Dolmades stuffed w/ rice, pine nuts, fennel root, & minced chicken. Astakomakaronada - boiled lobster served over pasta, in a garlicky tomato & wine sauce.


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