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2018 Coteaux du Giennois Blanc (Bardin, Domaine Cedrick)

Cedrick Bardin, Coteaux du Giennois Blanc, Loire Valley, France 2018

{sustainable} 100% Sauvignon Blanc


Cédrick Bardin’s domaine (and dominion!) is a patchwork of property in Sancerre, Pouilly, and here, a few acres in heart of the lesser-known Coteaux du Giennois. Taking its name from the town of Gien, this appellation lies immediately to the north of its more famous neighbors and provides Bardin with a different, still excellent, expression for the estate’s starring variety, Sauvignon Blanc. Dominated by dark, clay-comprised soils, this plot yields subtler yet potentially more exotic character with tropical undercurrents shining through the more typical citric overtones. Yum!

Serving Suggestion: Calamari tempura. Ceviche. Chèvre & other goat cheeses.


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2018 Pouilly-Fume (Bardin, Domaine Cedrick)

Cedrick Bardin, Pouilly-Fumé, Loire Valley, France 2018

{sustainable} 100% Sauvignon Blanc

grapefruit with flowers, HERBAL, Seashell Mineral

Bardin's vineyards are planted on classic Kimmeridgean marl soils using sustainable agriculture with generations of experience. Could you ask for more from any great Pouilly-Fumé? This classic French Sauvignon Blanc shows the minerality of the Loire coupled with modern winemaking techniques to add fresh flavors, citrus fruit and a racy, long finish. Lightly musky with a full-bodied intensity that is penetrating and long lasting.

Serving Suggestion: PF is fish wine to most, so you are safe there, but venture off to spicy Asian foods like the Thai food next door. Just the thing to quiet hot spices and blend with them in harmony.


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2018 Sancerre Blanc (Bardin, Domaine Cedrick)

Cedrick Bardin, Sancerre, Loire Valley, France 2018

{sustainable} 100% Sauvignon Blanc


Cedric Bardin's tiny estate, which straddles both shores of the Loire river (one foot gently kicking up Poully-Fuisse and the other planted in Sancerre), is a source of some of these regions' most remarkable values. The domaine's two-hectare holdings in Sancerre account for less than 20% of its total production, allowing for an unparalleled focus on quality. Every trademark of classic Sancerre abounds in this wine - Sauvignon Blanc's fiercely bright and citrusy personality, the clearly defined flintiness of the region's terroir, and the sumptuous herbal complexities that we crave from these distinctive whites.

Serving Suggestion: Goat cheeses - especially those with bloomy rinds & edible ash. Deep fried softshell crab. Poached egg & asparagus w/ béarnaise sauce.


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