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2016 Malagousia (Zafeirakis, Domaine)

Domaine Zafeirakis, Malagousia, Tyrnavos, Greece 2016

100% Malagousia


Many Greek white wines are lean, high acid, and mineral driven - think Assyrtiko. Here's a Greek white for lovers of the Rhone Valley, bursting with mango, nectarine, lime, and floral aromas, with a full, rich mouthfeel reminiscent of Viognier. The trademark acidity and minerality are still there, don't worry - but they're acting in harmony with the other players on the stage. It's what Dionysus would have wanted, being the god of wine and theatre (and madness, but let's not worry about that yet).

Serving suggestion: Dolmades stuffed w/ rice, pine nuts, fennel root, & minced chicken. Astakomakaronada - boiled lobster served over pasta, in a garlicky tomato & wine sauce.


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2016 Semi-Sparkling Orange Wine "Paleokerisio" (Glinavos, Domaine)

Domaine Glinavos, Semi-Sparkling Orange Wine "Paleokerisio", Ioannina, Greece 2016

Predominately Debina with a small amount of Vlahiko


Gather 'round, Greek geeks! This is a traditional semi-sparkling, semi-dry orange wine from Zitsa. Temperate climate and high altitude (up to 4,000 feet) helps preserve acidity - essential for any sparkling wine - in the native Debina grape. Suggestive of sweet dried apricots, a whiff of apple, baking spice, and a sherry-like oxidative quality ... and then along come the light bubbles and acidity to cleanse the palate. Clocking in at only 10.5% alcohol, it's light and refreshing, a great start (or end) to any meal.

Serving suggestion: Liver pâté w/ crusty bread & plenty of olives. Ricotta cheesecake w/ caramelized peach puree. Sitting on the porch swing on a cool fall evening, watching the leaves spiral down.


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2016 White Blend "The Little Prince" (Karavitakis)

Karavitakis, White Blend "The Little Prince", Crete, Greece 2016

65% Vilana, 35% Vidiano


Cretian native varieties Vilana and Vidiano are close relatives and appear here as a duo. The former, in the lead, is among the most important grapes on the island, while the latter, in a supporting role, is slowly being coaxed back into significance following an extended decline. This youthful yet old-school white is simultaneously refreshing and rustic, lightly-cloudy and brimming with a cider-ish sharpness and lemonade-like citric brightness. If you ever find yourself unable to decide between a glass of wine or a shandy cocktail, this might be your horse.

Serving suggestion: Neapolitan wood-fired pizza w/ anchovies, capers, & black olives. Fluffy, folded ommelette w/ chives, mushrooms, & cheese.


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2015 Xinomavro "Young Vines" Naoussa (Thymiopoulos)

Thymiopoulos, "Young Vines", Xinomavro, Naoussa, Greece 2015

100% Xinomavro


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