Raleigh Cheese Menu (1/1/2029)

Wine Authorities is also the authority of cheese! We now boast one of the largest collections in Raleigh, and we have new charcuterie from small producers across the country. Our very own Mama Queso (aka cheese monger Allyson) is constantly adding to our cheese, meat and grocery gems. A dynamic satellite selection of these cheeses is featured in our Durham shop!

Our cheese plate menu changes weekly based on seasonality & availability.

New Curds on the Block - 3 new cheeses in the shop

Small cheese plate: Burrata with basil, roasted tomatoes and breadsticks

3 meats - weekly rotation of charcuterie like speck, salami or pates

Larger boards - Mix of 3 meat & 3 cheeses with accompaniments

Grand finale 4 meats, 2 cheeses and specialty sides

Cheesemonger’s choice - Let our experts create a plate just for you!

We also offer olives, marcona almonds, local jams & preserves, mustards, fermented goodies, crackers, chocolate, and much more..

Plus Raleigh is now maki